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Description: In the aftermath of the 6.4 magnitude earthquake in southern Taiwan, there is a substantial need for relief assistance. 

2 6日凌晨台灣南部發生6.4規模大地震,多處傳出災情。重創台南地區,造成重大傷害,由於傷患的救助醫療及災後復原重建所需龐大,希望人人踴躍捐助,一起為台灣加油。所有捐款將直接送到受災的地方政府社會局的專款.

Our thoughts and support go out to the family of victims, relief workers, and all people of Taiwan.  Let's join together to help Taiwan!


You can click the following link to donate to NATPA 2016 Taiwan (Tainan) Earthquake Relief fund. Donations are tax-deductible.

Online Donation Link.


 NATPA has established the online payment method using PayPal for donations. It is a secure process similar to any online transaction like shopping at Amazon. NATPA is registered with PayPal as a non-profit organization. There will be an invoice available for you to save or print for each transaction.

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