NATPA Statement - Support the Students and Leaders of Sunflower Movement



North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association

Support the Students and Leaders of Sunflower Movement

February 12th, 2015

Though Taiwan is a young democracy, it “has freedom of speech and assembly; its elections are vibrant and competitive; it has gone through two changes of ruling parties through elections; and it has enjoyed a very peaceful democratization,” said Dr. Dafydd Fell, deputy director of the Centre of Taiwan Studies at University of London, during the “Sunflower Movement” in March of

2014. There is no doubt that democracy is one of the most valuable assets of Taiwan.

The core demand of the Sunflower Movement has been and still is the political and administrative transparency and accountability in the government, particularly when the current Ma, Ying-Jeou administration enters any pact with China. After their modest demand was repeatedly rebuffed, the students resorted to peaceful civil disobedience which ultimately led to a protest joined by half a million Taiwanese expressing their strong support of the Sun Flower movement.

North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association (NATPA) is gravely concerned about the current indictment of the Sunflower students and leaders, including Professor K. C. Huang (黃國 昌). Professor Huang has recently received the Prof. CY Lee Memorial Award (紀念李鎮源教授 社會貢獻獎) at the NATPA 2014 Annual Conference for his exemplary efforts in safe-guarding Taiwan’s democracy and his contribution to society and humanity. The persecution of these patriotic students and a distinguished scholar such as Professor Huang by the Ma government could only erode Taiwan’s democracy, which has been hard-earned through decades of sacrifice by numerous activists both in Taiwan and oversea.

NATPA and its members strongly urge the Ma administration to cease immediately the indictment of Sunflower movement activists. We remind the current government that this persecution will only damage the international reputation of Taiwan and Taiwan’s continued transformation into a mature democracy.

President Charles Hsu and Board of Directors of NATPA 

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