NATPA Foundation Fund Policy Letter



Dear Members and Friends of the NATPA community, Happy Holidays!

As we count down to the New Year, it is unavoidable to ask: What happens after Jan 16th, 2016?

Taiwan may, and we hope, have elected a new leader and a new majority party of the Legislative Yuan for the next four years. We hope the change of leadership will right the direction of our country. We hope the new direction will transform Taiwan into a progressive, democratic, and just society. We want to see the new government of Taiwan making right and serious efforts bringing transitional justice to the island; narrowing the widening wealth gap of 1% and 99%; restoring the confidence of the public to food product and food industry; reigniting the engine of economic growth.

NATPA will step forth to do what we can and what we are good at. We need to be the intellectuals to inform the policy debates and the major thought leaders about Taiwan in the United States and Canada. Your support and commitment to the NATPA Foundation will be invaluable to our tasks in the new era of Taiwan.

The NATPA Foundation is established to enhance the mission and purpose of the NATPA. You may choose to support the current fund and/or the endowed fund of the Foundation. The current fund supports the ongoing projects that are already in place, such as young scholar program and the annual conference, whereas the endowed fund is established to protect future purchasing power of donations.

A well-funded NATPA Foundation will afford us to develop a stronger Thinktank operation and a dynamic network of young scholars in North America. The Foundation also offers financial stability to our existing programs and empowers NATPA to explore new opportunities to help Taiwan to stay on the right course. No commitment is too small. Any support from you would help us move closer towards our long-term goal.

Thank you for reading this letter. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. I wish you and your family a joyful holiday season and happy new year!

NATPA Foundation Fund Committee 

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